The European Parliament and you

How does the European Parliament affect your student’s lives? Use these videos to understand and analyse EU measures the Parliament has helped to develop.

This chapter looks at key areas of action that the European Institutions have already taken, from support for jobseekers to energy-efficiency labels for household appliances. The videos also present varying views on complex issues: among others terrorism, trade agreements and GMOs. Finally, other videos explore issues such as the Erasmus+ scheme and fundamental rights.

Oiling the job machine for Europe's young people

Europe's current job machine has left its young people between a rock and a hard place, but the EU hopes the new tools it is now adding will reserve the trend.


The EU's Erasmus+ programme is about students, but not only: there are opportunities also for trainees, teachers, staff, volunteers and more.

Traineeships: Experience the EU at first hand

Did you know the Parliament offers traineeships to young people? Find out with Adela and Freddie how to apply and what kind of an experience could be in store for you too.

Multilingualism: in the fabric of Europe's identity

Speaking their native tongue is a basic right for MEPs, but then how does Parliament avoid a Babel-like cacophony? As Umberto Eco said, 'the language of Europe is translation'.

Europe goes digital

The Digital Agenda seeks to address obstacles to Europe's digital supremacy: countries' different capabilities, cyber crime, lack of ICT skills...

E-commerce: same rights for all keep rogues at bay

While many consumers are enjoying bolstered rights for a safer online shopping experience, success has been tainted as some fall victim to counterfeits and hidden costs.

Inside the euro

All EU countries - or almost all - have to join the Eurozone. But what are the rules of the common currency? Journey into the inner workings of the euro.

European Semester: the tool to keep EU countries in the all clear

The 2008 crisis unveiled high deficit and public debt levels in many States. How does Europe orchestrate the various national budgets? A picture is worth 1000 words.

All about trade agreements

The EU is an old hand at negotiating trade agreements, but who exactly does the negotiating, who decides, and what are the agreements for, anyway?

Teaming up with the EU

On your marks! Get set! Press go to get up to speed with the ways countries team up with the EU and follow the Partnership and accession track events.

Bringing down barriers: 20 years of Schengen

Now covering most of Europe and embodying people's right to free movement, the Schengen area was born from the dreams of a few in a village in Luxembourg.

Panorama of the combat against terrorism

As the EU looks to draw together actions to fight terrorism, MEPs and experts give their views on five of the key debates.

Energy Union: investing in renewables, efficiency and a secure future

Will the new Energy Union increase efficiency and release Europe from reliance on high-carbon economies and dependency on Russia?

CO2 in motion!

How do the different forms of transport we take rank against each other in the fight against carbon emissions?

An ocean of plastic to eradicate

Find yourself swimming in plastic carrier bags? While some countries are steaming ahead in reducing use, others remain big consumers. Find out how Europe is incentivising change.

Power to the people (and their domestic appliances)

Giant efficiencies in the power consumption of electrical goods mean it’s time to change the energy efficiency labelling system.

Europe's new approach to GMOs

Long divided over GMOs - are they a threat or an opportunity? - the EU has now found a way forward.

Europe's action against poverty

Wondering what Europe does to fight poverty and deprivation? A picture is worth 1000 words!

Healthcare abroad: A home from home?

If you have an accident when away in another EU country medical care should no longer cost you an arm and a leg, but it may still feel like a bit of a headache.

Get the picture: Fundamental Rights

It was a milestone in the EU's evolution - a binding set of essential rights for all citizens. Got a hazy idea of what your rights are? A picture is worth 1000 words!