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How does the European Parliament affect your student’s lives? Use these videos to understand and analyse EU measures the Parliament has helped to develop.

This chapter looks at key areas of action that the European Institutions have already taken, from support for jobseekers to energy-efficiency labels for household appliances. The videos also present varying views on complex issues: among others terrorism, trade agreements and GMOs. Finally, other videos explore issues such as the Erasmus+ scheme and fundamental rights.

The Parliament near you

Got questions about the Parliament? Ever fancied chewing over EU issues in debates? Every Member State has an Information Office ready to engage with you.

What do you expect of the EU?

A survey of nearly 28,000 Europeans found that a large majority wants the EU to be more active in tackling issues like unemployment, terrorism, immigration and tax fraud.

Europeans' views on immigration

According to a new European Parliament Eurobarometer survey, Europeans identify immigration as one of the EU's main challenges and a majority favour a better distribution of asylum seekers. But national opinions vary.

Seeking asylum in the EU

What exactly happens when someone applies for asylum in the EU? Find out the definition of an asylum seeker, what their rights and obligations are, and what the process is like.

Buy, use, throw away: breaking the cycle

MEPs advocate an overhaul of the traditional economy with the circular economy concept aimed at conserving resources through innovative product design and re-use.

Cloned animals - would you eat them?

In Europe, cloned animals haven't made their way into the food supply chain - yet - but they're not banned from it either. EU legislation on cloning is proving a hard nut to crack.

Data protection: problems and solutions

In 2015, most Europeans were worried about not having control over the information they provide online. New data protection rules should put them back in the driving seat.

Get the picture: Professionals without borders

The European Professional Card: a ticket to free movement for professionals aimed at pruning unnecessary delays and administration in the recognition of qualifications.

Gender equality: How to speed up the glacial pace of progress

Advances are plain to see for women in all sectors, but calls come from all corners for Europe to lead the way on gender parity and accelerate change as gaping inequalities persist.

Has the EU army's time come?

Could Europe map a new course on security and defence? We take a look at the existing policy, its origins and what the future could hold in store.